10 Super-Affordable Clothing Finds with Free Shipping on Amazon


I’m on vacation in the OC, and I bought a few basics from Amazon right before I left town. They were Prime so they arrived within two days.

I had no idea what to expect, but they were cute things with pretty good quality. I mean, they aren’t like luxury brand nice, but they are every bit as good as what I would find on the rack at Marshall’s or Ross. And anyway that I can leave my house even less than I already do, well, I’m gonna support that.

I got this dress in both dark green and black, which I am loving. Here’s the green with a cardigan:

I also got a black version with long sleeves. And all of the dresses have pockets!

I wear a size 12 and I ordered larges. They fit sort of like a Lularoe Carly, so I added a belt to keep them from being too “tent-ish.” But they are soft and super comfy. I’m really pleased with the purchases.

Since I basically only wear basics, t-shirts, comfy dresses and leggings, I decided to find out what else Amazon has to offer in the women’s clothing department. And as it turns out, there is a lot of cute stuff that is super cheap!

And since Amazon is so good about easy returns, I figure it’s a good way to shop. I buy everything else under the sun on Amazon, so it’s time to start shopping for clothes on there too.

And they also have things I am probably too old to own because I am pushing 40 cute, fun accessories. Like this tea-sipping Kermit hat. I might have to make this mine:


Anyway, here are 10 of my super-affordable favorites. Just click to photos to view the items on Amazon.

If you have shopping experience on Amazon, drop me a comment below!





California Love–Day 1

My husband is on the board of his National Bar Association section. Every February, he leaves me and Shorty behind and heads off to some luxurious location to take continuing legal ed credits and network with other attorneys. A few years back, he did take Shorty and me along for the ride to Naples, Florida, where some of our old friends from law school live.

This year, the NBA has headed to the OC for their annual conference. Hubs had to be here a bit early because he’s on the planning committee–and in the spirit of an early Valentine’s Day, we arrived on the 13th to spend a day together before things got busy.

The main destination was booked up that night (at least, we couldn’t get a room that was less than $600, so yes, booked up as far as we were concerned). Instead, I searched around online and found this little gem: The Laguna Beach House.

The Laguna Beach House is located on Laguna Beach, which is an enclave that has sort of a vintage vibe. Hubs and I commented that it felt like we were in the type of town where an old surfer movie would have taken place. From the outside we were a bit nervous when we first arrived–it looks like, well, a motel.

But once we got inside, we found a cozy little lobby and a friendly woman behind the desk. They aren’t a full-service hotel with a restaurant and all that jazz, but they do offer a wine reception and cookies and milk each evening, and coffee service and greek yogurt-granola parfaits in the AM.

Our room was fresh, clean and super cute. It was true to the laid back, California surfer vibe of the rest of Laguna Beach. Here are a few shots of our cute room.:




After a short walk along the boardwalk, we took in the majestic west coast sunset over the Pacific. Take a look.


Bae and I had a great day 1 here in CA. Next up is the Monarch Beach Resort at Dana Point. To be continued.

Oh! And as far as my vacay look, I am rocking this leather motorcycle jacket that I got for Christmas. My amazing cousin who works in fashion always hooks me up, and he helped hubs choose this for me.