16 Must-Haves to Style the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Home Office

When someone says farmhouse style, I immediately think of farmhouse style: reclaimed wood, weathered paint, sage green and mason jars.
And though that really isn’t my jam, I see that farmhouse style is VERY popular over on Pinterest. Even though Fixer Upper is going off the air, I see no signs of farmhouse decor slowing down.
So I wondered if there were any ways to evoke farmhouse style in a way that would fit in more with my personal style. Enter the Modern Farmhouse.
Here are a few rooms from Houzz that come up with your search for “modern farmhouse”:
This office is minimal and modern, but it still has elements of farmhouse style. Check out the desk, the cowhide rug and the iron black/bronze looking lamp. There are also some iron-looking elements styling the built-ins.
While this is a dining space, I can totally see this motif translating itself into a home office space. The chairs have a strong dining sensibility to me, so I personally would choose a different chair. Especially since these don’t seem super comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.
There are a few elements that seem to bring farmhouse into the modern age:
  • Use of black and white
  • White or neutral walls
  • Very little accent color
  • Black metal elements
  • Warm toned, medium colored wood elements
  • Minimal kitsch or blatantly country items

The modern farmhouse concept is very close to the industrial look to me. The use of metal and wood can make for a very industrial, urban loft look. But with modern farmhouse, the difference is in the structure of the furniture and accessories. They awaken a time gone by, but without hitting you over the head with it (no “farm fresh eggs” chalkboard art).

Here are a few finds (well, more than a few, 16 to be exact) from Amazon for styling a modern farmhouse office. Click on any of the images to learn more. You can also see these items and more when you visit my Shop the Blog page.












































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Mission Control–My Home Office

my home office

Disclaimer: I am not an interior designer. But I love, love, love my home office.

It’s a work in process, and a relatively new project. I painted and added the wallpaper accent wall before Christmas, and I spray painted the laptop desk over the holiday break.

The chair is a placeholder (one of my extra dining chairs). I’m on a hunt for the perfect, stylish home office desk chair.

Why I Decided to Become a Lifestyle Blogger

I’m one of those people who dreads being asked what they do for a living.


Because I am a big ass flake. I’m the flakiest flake in flake town.

That being said, flakes know a lot of random things about a lot of random things.

Over the years, I have been a lawyer, a member of the Connecticut “Mommy Mafia”, a yoga teacher, a seminary student, a freelance writer, the author of a book about theology and probably some other things that I’ve forgotten.

See? I was not exaggerating about the flake thing.

But the one good thing that came from my professional flakedom was a lot of time spent on the internet learning ALL THE THINGS.

And I also learned how difficult it is to start a work-at-home career that actually makes money. It takes a lot of trial and error, online business culture savvy and hard work.

And I’ve had a lot of failures. I put a fair amount of time and money into starting an SEO firm for attorneys that never got off the ground (probably because I hated being an attorney and I hate everything that relates to legal stuff).

I’ve bought courses from all of the online business gurus who promised to help me craft the perfect offer that people would clamor all over. They are all such good sales people, and they make it all sound so damn easy.


The good news is that, during all of this trial and error that I considered to be time wasted, I actually learned a lot of valuable information about earning money at home. I’ve taken my lumps and I’ve written for the content mills. I’ve worked my way up to better rates, and a docket of work that I actually enjoy.

I also finished my first book, which I never, ever expected to have the opportunity to publish.

And through it all, my home office became my happy place.

It was the place where all of my ideas, good and bad, came to fruition. It is where I wrote countless keystrokes and had dozens of Skype chats with other online entrepreneurs all over the world. How lucky am I that the place where I work is my happy place?

I do non-work related work in there too. All of us who help run a home have plenty of business that we attend to. Paying bills, researching family vacations, looking up recipes and common core worksheets…That is important work too, and having a designated work space really helps me stay on track.

So that is why I felt led to begin home office love. Because I really, really love the hell out of my home office. I haven’t always lived in a home with the luxury of a dedicated office room. Our move down to Charlotte got us a lot more bang for the buck and a modern home blueprint for the first time. In the past, we had to find ways to make a home office work, so helping people find a place where they an hear their own thoughts is important to me.

It is from this years long finding my purpose, freelancing, solopreneurial journey that Home Office Love is born. I love home decor (even though I am a slob), shopping online, practicality (even though it doesn’t come easy) and creating joyful, beautiful and sacred places in the home.

That is what Home Office Love is all about.