Shine Bright With Gold Home Decor from Amazon

Take a look at these shiny gold home decor accents, all found on Amazon. Click any of the photos to learn more about the product on




What do you think about the gold trend? Are you over it, or is it here to stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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16 Must-Haves to Style the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Home Office

When someone says farmhouse style, I immediately think of farmhouse style: reclaimed wood, weathered paint, sage green and mason jars.
And though that really isn’t my jam, I see that farmhouse style is VERY popular over on Pinterest. Even though Fixer Upper is going off the air, I see no signs of farmhouse decor slowing down.
So I wondered if there were any ways to evoke farmhouse style in a way that would fit in more with my personal style. Enter the Modern Farmhouse.
Here are a few rooms from Houzz that come up with your search for “modern farmhouse”:
This office is minimal and modern, but it still has elements of farmhouse style. Check out the desk, the cowhide rug and the iron black/bronze looking lamp. There are also some iron-looking elements styling the built-ins.
While this is a dining space, I can totally see this motif translating itself into a home office space. The chairs have a strong dining sensibility to me, so I personally would choose a different chair. Especially since these don’t seem super comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.
There are a few elements that seem to bring farmhouse into the modern age:
  • Use of black and white
  • White or neutral walls
  • Very little accent color
  • Black metal elements
  • Warm toned, medium colored wood elements
  • Minimal kitsch or blatantly country items

The modern farmhouse concept is very close to the industrial look to me. The use of metal and wood can make for a very industrial, urban loft look. But with modern farmhouse, the difference is in the structure of the furniture and accessories. They awaken a time gone by, but without hitting you over the head with it (no “farm fresh eggs” chalkboard art).

Here are a few finds (well, more than a few, 16 to be exact) from Amazon for styling a modern farmhouse office. Click on any of the images to learn more. You can also see these items and more when you visit my Shop the Blog page.












































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Top Coastal Chic Decor on Amazon Prime

We’ve reached the time of year when winter is getting really freaking old.

I admit that the weather isn’t so bad here in North Carolina. But I’m a former northeastern girl who has lived in balmy locations such as Rochester, NY, Hartford, CT and even in New Hampshire. And for my homies up north, I sympathize.

This is the point in the year where I tend to get a little stir crazy and I start dreaming of the beach. There is little I love more than a cozy, well-appointed beach cottage. We used to go to Maine each summer, and the coastal decor just made me feel like I was ready for a relaxing vacation.

I decided to take a shot at styling a coastal chic home office. Here are some of the top rated coastal decor items on Amazon Prime.


Check out these beautiful flameless pillar candles in a deep, ocean teal. The coral decoration gives them an ocean-y appeal.



Look at these fun turtles for hanging on your wall. Handcrafted and hand-painted too.


I don’t know if you live or work at the beach (if you do, lucky you). But this is a pretty sign for any room with a coastal feel. I’m not sure if it would make me resentful that I was working and not at the beach though!


I love the blue color used on these coral wall art signs. You might not be able to see from this picture, but the background has a shiplap, wooden motif. Click to take a closer look.

Here’s a similar set in a more neutral gray. This one includes six wall hangings.


You might not want to use real candles, but these lantern sconces would add character to any office wall. I love that these fit the coastal theme without adding more teal or coral motifs to the room. It’s like a coastal/rustic or even industrial feel.


Here is another lantern accent. This one can be used as a table or desktop decor item:

And here is another variation with Ball jars and a wooden plank base:


I have a sofa in my home office, and I always keep a throw on it. Sometimes my office may be colder than the rest of the house, so I will drape this on my lap to cover my feet. Or, I might curl up with a book or my journal on the couch. Love the subdued colors in this seashell throw. It’s coastal, but neutral.


Here’s another cute, neutral wall fishy. I like the mirrored pieces for scales.


These medallion motif drapes fit a coastal color scheme, while still looking modern. You could put these drapes in any transitional office, but the colors really fit our coastal chic theme.


Check out the vibrant blue used on these turtle prints.

I like this item because it can hang on the wall, or sit on a desk or table surface. The “Love” decoration makes it fit in a farmhouse room just as easily as a costal one.


If you have a small office space and you need to use every inch, consider using an on-theme wall hook. This could hold your calendar or vision board, or you could hang a little galvanized bucket to hold office supplies.

No room is complete without a rug. For a coastal chic decor, a natural fiber like jute seems like the only choice .


The best part of this coastal shopping list is that you can order it all from the comfort of your warm living room. I can’t imagine any homemaker or work-at-home-maker not having a Prime membership at this point. But if for some reason you aren’t already a Prime member, you can try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.  Even if you have a big room revamp coming up, the 30 days free would be worth it just to order your items and get everything delivered to your doorstep.

If you come back to the site, check out the “Shop the Blog” link to find these items, and other items from other blog posts, all in one place.

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Check Out These Chic Rose Gold Office Supplies For Your Home Office in 2018

See how these rose gold office supplies could pull together a gorgeous, contemporary home office look?

Who doesn’t love rose gold? It’s like pink and gold had a glamorous baby.

And there’s no better place to add a dose of rose gold to your home than in your home office decor. Take a look at these pretty, modern rose gold office supplies for your home office decor.

Wooden Block “Perpetual” Calendar

This great clock works no matter the year. I love the vintage, scoreboard look.


Wire Hanging Desk File Organizer

I love the chevron pattern in this modern file organizer.


Classic Yet Modern Desk Lamp

Sometimes a traditional look in a modern space is a great combination.


Modern White Leather Chair with Rose Gold Legs

I’m loving everything about this chair.

Wire Rose Gold Pencil Cup

Cute little detail for a petite desk. And it goes with the file organizer listed above.

Pretty Blush Throw Pillow

Ooh la la! You can find spaces for a throw pillow in an office easier than you’d think. Add a little softness and texture with this cute number.

Sequined Glam Pillows

We might as well end the list on a high note. I mean, these pillows are so glam and pretty.

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What’s Your Home Office Signature Style?

discover your home office style

Stark white? Bold colors? Warm woods? Sleek glass? Which home office style is your signature look?


When it comes to matters of personal home office style, no two workistas are the same. When I am on Pinterest looking at home office style inspiration, there are so many chic, stylish, unique takes on this valuable room in your home.

Chances are your office decor will match the home decor style in the rest of your home.

My house is what I would call transitional. It’s a newer home with modern lines and features, but I have a healthy mix of contemporary and traditional elements. Although I would say it leans a little more to the modern side.



Transitional style is the toughest style of decor to define, but I think it’s one of the most common decor styles in American homes. When it comes to transitional style, think of it as “the new classics” or “a fresh spin on a traditional look.” For me, that means mixing traditional elements like damasks or paisleys with sleek contemporary finishes like metallic accents, glass furniture and anything that puts a modern polish on the look.



Mid-Century Mod

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that mid-century modern has been going mad strong in decor magazines and showrooms for the last few years. I always think of this as the “Mad Men” look. Bold solid colors, interesting lines and a geometric sensibility are the hallmarks of this swingin’ signature style.




I find Scandinavian decor really relaxing and pleasing to the eye. This style finds a way to make stark white homey and not sterile or severe. I think the mix of natural wood tones and the fact that there is often a splash of something alive and green help make Scandinavian style comfortable and approachable.




We already covered mid-century modern, which I think is a really narrow, distinctive look. Modern, however, does refer to the aesthetic of the modern era. This is a more updated version of a modern office v. the mid-century look above. I think this room could be called contemporary, but I still think it has a modern appeal, just without the level of kitsch the swingin’ mod look brings.




While this look became popular a while back, I think it still has devoted fans. I always think of shabby-chic as the crafter or scrapbooker’s style of choice. I like that it is usually feminine and pretty. this picture is a version of shabby-chic I can get behind. It is still clean with some nice lines, and the colors and patterns are more modern than the Laura Ashley style florals and doilies this look can venture into.




Now in full disclosure, I am not seeing a big difference between contemporary and modern in these particular photos. But I do think there is a bit of a departure from the strictly geometric style featured in our modern photo above. Contemporary means a la mode: today’s look.




This look is close to shabby-chic, but it is more like femme-chic, or modern victorian. I love how updated the gray diamond patterned wallpaper looks with the super-traditional and ornate elements like the desk chair and the bust on the desk. Did you notice she’s wearing headphones? I love it.




The famhouse look has reigned supreme during the last decade or so, at least on HGTV. Or, maybe more specifically, at least on Fixer Upper. Ok, so all I have to say is that it is basically whatever Joanna Gaines would design on Fixer Upper. White wash, shiplap or clapboard walls, shaker style cabinetry and oil rubbed bronze hardware are all classic elements of farmhouse style.

So what is your signature home office style? Let us know in the comments. To learn more about this blog dedicated to home office decor, read about Home Office Love.

6 Visually Stunning Items for Your Desktop or Bookcase

blue agate home decor

When it comes to a desk surface, I think that minimal clutter is best.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t our shouldn’t have one visually inspirational piece on your desk. Having an item that subconsciously sparks creativity or lets people know what your personality is all about is a great way to make your office your own.

Here are 6 items for your home office decor that I think are eye catching and more unique than your run of the mill paperweight. Take a look:









This pretty piece is actually a personal weather forecasting barometer.









This multilevel desktop box can act as a office supply organization system, or even a succulent garden.







This Deep Sea Moving Sand Art Picture evokes thoughts of a seascape, or rolling foothills.










These geometric desktop planters.








This adorable elephant can hold your phone while keeping your pens handy! So cute.



These beautiful agate bookends. The blue colors are just so stunning.


What type of decorative tabletop pieces do you love for a home office? Don’t sleep on having a signature item in your home office decor.

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