10 Super-Affordable Clothing Finds with Free Shipping on Amazon


I’m on vacation in the OC, and I bought a few basics from Amazon right before I left town. They were Prime so they arrived within two days.

I had no idea what to expect, but they were cute things with pretty good quality. I mean, they aren’t like luxury brand nice, but they are every bit as good as what I would find on the rack at Marshall’s or Ross. And anyway that I can leave my house even less than I already do, well, I’m gonna support that.

I got this dress in both dark green and black, which I am loving. Here’s the green with a cardigan:

I also got a black version with long sleeves. And all of the dresses have pockets!

I wear a size 12 and I ordered larges. They fit sort of like a Lularoe Carly, so I added a belt to keep them from being too “tent-ish.” But they are soft and super comfy. I’m really pleased with the purchases.

Since I basically only wear basics, t-shirts, comfy dresses and leggings, I decided to find out what else Amazon has to offer in the women’s clothing department. And as it turns out, there is a lot of cute stuff that is super cheap!

And since Amazon is so good about easy returns, I figure it’s a good way to shop. I buy everything else under the sun on Amazon, so it’s time to start shopping for clothes on there too.

And they also have things I am probably too old to own because I am pushing 40 cute, fun accessories. Like this tea-sipping Kermit hat. I might have to make this mine:


Anyway, here are 10 of my super-affordable favorites. Just click to photos to view the items on Amazon.

If you have shopping experience on Amazon, drop me a comment below!