Dollar Tree DIY (Easy Room & Office Decor) under $15!

Dollar Tree DIY (Easy Room & Office Decor) under $15!

Check out this video from the Makeover Mom over on YouTube.

From her channel: “I hope you liked my first super easy DIY Dollar Tree Room/Office Decor tutorial. Subscribe and like this video if you want more DIY Tutorials! The whole project was under $15 (about $13) and everything came from the Dollar Tree! These projects are great for room or office desk décor and they were super cheap and easy, but looked very high end in my opinion. Great for anyone on a budget, it literally took me less than 30 minutes to do it all…”

How to Get Into Essential Oils Without the MLM

When did these essential oil MLM companies become a thing? I blinked and boom, essential oils are everywhere!

Over the years I have been picking up oils at stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare. I like to use Tea Tree oil in my cleaning and lavender in my laundry once in a while. But now that everyone is talking about oils all the time, I have naturally wanted to learn more. But WITHOUT spending an arm and a leg or hosting an MLM party or class or whatever.

So, I did my research and I decided to order this set of oils from Amazon:

This set from Natrogix is therapeutic grade. The oils are GC/MS tested, and Natrogix oils are also pesticide and herbicide free, as well as GMO and additive free. While there are scary oils out there, I trust this brand. They have a ton of great reviews on Amazon too.

9 great “starter” oils are included in this set: Lavender, sweet orange, lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, anxiety relief, invigoration or skin treatment, this combination will get you hooked on essential oils in no time.

The box is really attractive, and it comes with a cute little recipe book which has been helpful.

I got my diffuser as a gift a few years ago, and I don’t see the exact product I have on Amazon, so I can’t recommend the one I use every day. But this one has 26,348 reviews and it’s less than twenty bucks, so I would say it’s a safe bet.

I know that the oil MLM reps will probably tell you why these oils aren’t as high a quality as the ones they sell, and maybe that’s true. But my life is about small luxuries, and these fit the bill for me.

I’ve been pretty blue lately, so today I tried a blend of sweet orange, lemon and a tiny bit of frankincense. I just dropped it on a tissue and took it with me in the car on my errands, and it was really nice.

Do you use essential oils? Do you have any favorite recipes? Let us know in the comments below.

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It’s Time for Some Real Talk about the WAHM Online Business Thing

I’m going to go out on a shaky and dangerous limb here:

I don’t think the online work-at-home culture is about making money. Not at all.

I think it’s about a generation of women who want to be in their homes, with their families and be respected for it.

It’s about a generation of women who don’t want to go out into the world to do soul-sucking work in a world that won’t properly appreciate their gifts.

I think it’s about women who have talent, education, life-experiences, and wisdom that they want to do something with. It’s about women who have creative energy oozing out of their very existence with nowhere to put it.

It’s about women who want to make a difference and have a sense of purpose for themselves, not a purpose that relates to their family.

And I might REALLY get flamed for this, but I don’t think it’s even always about making extra money for your family. If your family really needed more reliable income, then you would likely be forced to work outside of the home. The reason I say that?

Because if you really needed more money for your family, you wouldn’t have money to spend on courses to teach you how to make money.

(I do realize that there of plenty of families out there that absolutely need extra income. I’m not talking to those people.)

But from my perspective, the entire earn money online culture exists to get you to spend money on something largely intangible and totally internal: belief in yourself. Meaning. Purpose. Respect for all you do. Respect from your kids, your partner, your community and most of all yourself.

I am totally embarrassed to admit what my work-at-home journey has looked like. It’s involved a lot of online wanderlust, failed plans, domain names, flopped business endeavors and money wasted on those damn courses to teach you how to make money. It isn’t pretty.

You see I’m what you would call a huge effing flake “multi-passionate.”

I am pretty smart. I went to a prestigious college, I passed two bar exams, I owned that book-smarts stuff.

But I am also introverted, creative, anxious, introspective, woefully sensitive and blessed/cursed with an INFP, Enneagram 4 existence.

I’ve made some decent money as a freelance writer. Did I make six figures like the online gurus? Not even close. But I grossed somewhere in the range of $10,000 last year and I am proud of that. And when I started my freelance journey that would have thrilled me. But after listening to so many damn online gurus tell me that I should be able to be making 6 figures and balling out of control, my successful side hustle turned into a failed full hustle. And absolutely nothing changed but my perspective.

My book was published last year by a real publishing house, and I have made literally a few dollars on it. I didn’t get an advance, and I didn’t negotiate my deal at all. I was just happy to call myself published. But even though I scratched something huge off my bucket list, I still fixated on the fact that I didn’t make six figures online by blogging or using Pinterest or clicking on secret messages or whatever the hell we’ve all tried.

Now, I’m a blogger who wants to make this “make money from your blog” thing work. Mostly because I want to write entirely for myself, not for freelance clients who want to pay me pennies to churn out content that will make them real money.

I am like every other woman out there pinning blogging tips, Pinterest marketing tips, affiliate links and searching Upwork all day. Putting pressure on myself to achieve something, even though I have no idea what that something even is.

I’ve raised a 9-year-old who has given me some real challenges over the years, from food allergies to Birth-to-Three services to ADHD and extreme anxiety. I’ve kept our home running through four houses and three states. It isn’t usually neat and Pinterest-worthy, but it was real and there was love.

And I’ve done that while caring for my own struggles with depression and anxiety. I also got sober as a SAHM living in Wine Town, CT.

I haven’t made six figures online. And despite my book smarts, I have given a lot of people online a lot of money to give me something that I don’t think they can: a purpose.

Maybe I am way off in left field and everyone who reads this will think I’m a privileged nutjob. But I wanted to take the mask off and let you in. And if this resonates with even one other woman, I will be thankful. I suspect that there are way more of us than there are bloggers with perfect hair and label makers who make five figures on their blog in a month.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me, but I am committed to writing for myself, and for anyone else out there who might want to read about home office decor and figuring out this WAHM life with the musings of a madwoman occasionally mixed in.

What has your WAHM journey looked like? Have you spent money on online courses? Do you really need the income and want to tell me to pound sand? Let me know what you think in the comments. I would love to hear from you, really. I think this conversation matters.

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Newbie Blogging Chronicles vol 2

This month, I worked on content for this site, and I actually built a brand new Amazon affiliate site at Cozy.Clothing. My theme over there is basically curating clothes like Lularoe, but cheaper and on Amazon Prime. Check it out!

I also decided that I love using WordPress to build my sites. I can see why something like Wix is attractive. I actually do run a site over there and it was super fast to get up and it looks great.

But there is just something about creating on WordPress that really does make you feel like a techie badass.

One of the reasons I have been able to get so much from WordPress is that I switched from Hostgator to Site Ground last month.

The switch from Hostgator to Site Ground has my site running really fast, and it is allowing me to experiment with more plugins without worrying about overloading my site. This was really important on my Amazon affiliate store because it has a LOT of photos involved, as well as Woocommerce and WooZone which are pretty heavy duty plugins. Plugins can slow things down, so it’s important to keep tabs on that.

I’ve contacted Site Ground support THREE different times this month (all in one day actually). Each time they were no-nonsense and fixed my problem ASAP. I loved that they didn’t waste my time with a lot of questions before getting started. I was like, I need this thing, and they were like, boom, done.

The best part of switching what that Site Ground will actually transfer your site to their hosting platform for FREE! I’ve used GoDaddy and Hostgator, and so far there is no comparison.

You can try Site Ground starting at $3.95 when you use my link.

When working on my new site, I bought a new premium e-commerce theme that I’m not super happy with. So far it hasn’t fully delivered all that it promised too. For instance, loading the dummy content turned into a whole thing. And the platform I’m looking at looks totally different than the one in the tutorials on YouTube.

After spending a FULL day trying to install that sumbitch, I threw my hands up and gave up. Envato Market wanted 50 bucks to install it for me. I thought this was steep, especially since I KNOW how to install a theme. I was also concerned that if I paid them my $50 that they still wouldn’t load it to my specifications, and that I would have a terrible time trying to get in touch with someone about it. I wanted to return the theme for a refund, but I was not eligible for one. Apparently, “I’m not techie enough to make this work” is not a valid reason for a refund at Envato.

Thankfully, I headed over Fiverr to see if I could find someone that could help me out for less money. I found a gig that promised Themeforest installation with loaded dummy content for $20. I decided to go for it.

I’m so glad I did. The seller was soooo fast and communicative by email. For instance, my cpanel flagged his login because he was in India and I had been on it here all day (score one for Site Ground security). I was able to get him the verification code they gave me, and then he got it done really quickly. I was so pleased–he really was the themeforest expert he claimed to be. After spending an entire day cursing at this thing, he got it done in like two seconds.

So shoutout to user erside2211 over on Fiverr. If you need this type of work, DEF. check him out. Here is a screencap of the gig I bought from him:

So if you’re still thinking about making the leap to self-hosting, be sure to check out Site Ground. I’ve used GoDaddy and Hostgator, and I can’t imagine any service that is doing a better job than my homies over Site Ground.

(This post contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you purchase through my link which costs you absolutely nothing.)

Top Coastal Chic Decor on Amazon Prime

We’ve reached the time of year when winter is getting really freaking old.

I admit that the weather isn’t so bad here in North Carolina. But I’m a former northeastern girl who has lived in balmy locations such as Rochester, NY, Hartford, CT and even in New Hampshire. And for my homies up north, I sympathize.

This is the point in the year where I tend to get a little stir crazy and I start dreaming of the beach. There is little I love more than a cozy, well-appointed beach cottage. We used to go to Maine each summer, and the coastal decor just made me feel like I was ready for a relaxing vacation.

I decided to take a shot at styling a coastal chic home office. Here are some of the top rated coastal decor items on Amazon Prime.


Check out these beautiful flameless pillar candles in a deep, ocean teal. The coral decoration gives them an ocean-y appeal.



Look at these fun turtles for hanging on your wall. Handcrafted and hand-painted too.


I don’t know if you live or work at the beach (if you do, lucky you). But this is a pretty sign for any room with a coastal feel. I’m not sure if it would make me resentful that I was working and not at the beach though!


I love the blue color used on these coral wall art signs. You might not be able to see from this picture, but the background has a shiplap, wooden motif. Click to take a closer look.

Here’s a similar set in a more neutral gray. This one includes six wall hangings.


You might not want to use real candles, but these lantern sconces would add character to any office wall. I love that these fit the coastal theme without adding more teal or coral motifs to the room. It’s like a coastal/rustic or even industrial feel.


Here is another lantern accent. This one can be used as a table or desktop decor item:

And here is another variation with Ball jars and a wooden plank base:


I have a sofa in my home office, and I always keep a throw on it. Sometimes my office may be colder than the rest of the house, so I will drape this on my lap to cover my feet. Or, I might curl up with a book or my journal on the couch. Love the subdued colors in this seashell throw. It’s coastal, but neutral.


Here’s another cute, neutral wall fishy. I like the mirrored pieces for scales.


These medallion motif drapes fit a coastal color scheme, while still looking modern. You could put these drapes in any transitional office, but the colors really fit our coastal chic theme.


Check out the vibrant blue used on these turtle prints.

I like this item because it can hang on the wall, or sit on a desk or table surface. The “Love” decoration makes it fit in a farmhouse room just as easily as a costal one.


If you have a small office space and you need to use every inch, consider using an on-theme wall hook. This could hold your calendar or vision board, or you could hang a little galvanized bucket to hold office supplies.

No room is complete without a rug. For a coastal chic decor, a natural fiber like jute seems like the only choice .


The best part of this coastal shopping list is that you can order it all from the comfort of your warm living room. I can’t imagine any homemaker or work-at-home-maker not having a Prime membership at this point. But if for some reason you aren’t already a Prime member, you can try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.  Even if you have a big room revamp coming up, the 30 days free would be worth it just to order your items and get everything delivered to your doorstep.

If you come back to the site, check out the “Shop the Blog” link to find these items, and other items from other blog posts, all in one place.

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Modern Boho Chic Home Office

Since Pantone announced that their color of the year for 2018 was Ultraviolet, I’ve been contemplating the color purple.

While I am not a purple fan, the one place that I’ve been imagining it working well is in a boho style room design.

I took a shot at designing an affordable boho chic home office mood board. What do you think?

Here’s the shopping list from this imagined room, click on any of the photos to learn more. 

Dainty Home Shades 2-Window Panel Rod Pocket Set, 40 by 84-Inch


Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror with Macrame Hanger


Unique Loom Istanbul Collection in Lilac


Love-KANKEI Ceramic and Copper Wall and Desk Planters

Chanasya Super Soft Faux Fur Chair Cover/Rug


Elle Decor Vivi Dining Chair


Crosscut Trestle Table Legs

Butcher Block Wood Work Bench Top