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Who I am: Courtney Hall Lee

Home Office Love blogger Courtney Hall Lee writes about home office decor ideas and reviews

Where I am: Charlotte, NC

What I do: I am a multi-passionate, work-at-home-writer. I write content all over the web, the occasional magazine article and I wrote a theology book which was published by Cascade Books. I’ve been a solo practice attorney, a yoga teacher, a stay-at-home-mom and a full-time freelance writer. I’ve always forged my own path and marched to my own beat. I love being an entrepreneur and a creative working from my home office (aka My Happy Place.).

Who I live with: My husband, 9 year old daughter and my toy poodle, Foxy.

What I’m about: Reforming my slob-like ways, keeping my office pristine while my rooms upstairs look like they exploded laundry. My mission is to help work-at-home mavens create a beautiful and productive home work space that will inspire you to create your best work. I’m also a normal, messy, not Pinteresty mom with anxiety and depression trying to manage a household like an adult.

Why this site: Because 1. I love my office, 2. I love being my own boss, 3. Messy moms and home owners deserve a corner of the internet too, 4. I love communicating with the other amazing online business owners, moms, freelancers and generally awesome people I meet online.