Pantone Color of the Year 2018 is Ultraviolet

Pantone color ultraviolet
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Did you know that Pantone always creates a color of the year?

In 2017, the color of the year was greenery, a green color that reflected nature.

In 2018, they are moving away from Mother Earth and into the galaxy with a true purple, ultraviolet. Take a look at this purpleness:

Pantone color ultraviolet
Ultraviolet haze



I am not a purple person, so I am not sure how a color like this would work its way into my life. But if you are a purple person, I could totally see this color as an amazing accent color.

I also think it would look really striking with another bold color. I’m seeing this color alongside a bright, grass green, and also with some navy. Here is a palette with some pretty combos, but the purple is much more blue than ultraviolet:



Here’s another one with a less blue purple:


You could add this to an office with a fun chair. I love a colorful chair (I’m still on the lookout for one for my digs, but it won’t be purple)


What do you think? Are you a fan of ultraviolet? Do you like purple in general? Let me know.