10 White Hot Desk Chairs for Your #GIRLBOSS Home Office

If you’re a Girl Boss, you need a chic, inspiring and functional workspace. Your home office is where the magic happens.

And if you’re going to be putting in the work, you’re going to need a bomb-ass desk chair that will give you the comfort and support you need.

A white desk chair works well in almost any office decor; especially the clean, modern, slick, feminine spaces you see all over Pinterest like this:




And this:




I love this office look. Can’t you just imagine dominating your solopreneur work in a space like this? An office like this would also inspire me to dress like a modern work-at-home maven, not show up in my PJs. Does anyone else feel like dressing for work at home helps¬†your productivity?

Anyway, here are 10 of our favorite white desk chairs. One of these might be The One. Click on any of the photos to learn more


==>Love the woven back on this one.
















==>Love the leg details here.







==>Super-modern round, desk stool.









Which chair do you like the most? Is the all white, girly home office decor look done to death? Let us know in the comments.

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Shine Bright With Gold Home Decor from Amazon

Take a look at these shiny gold home decor accents, all found on Amazon. Click any of the photos to learn more about the product on Amazon.com.




What do you think about the gold trend? Are you over it, or is it here to stay? Let us know in the comments below.

To see our rose gold favorites, check out this post.

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16 Must-Haves to Style the Perfect Modern Farmhouse Home Office

When someone says farmhouse style, I immediately think of farmhouse style: reclaimed wood, weathered paint, sage green and mason jars.
And though that really isn’t my jam, I see that farmhouse style is VERY popular over on Pinterest. Even though Fixer Upper is going off the air, I see no signs of farmhouse decor slowing down.
So I wondered if there were any ways to evoke farmhouse style in a way that would fit in more with my personal style. Enter the Modern Farmhouse.
Here are a few rooms from Houzz that come up with your search for “modern farmhouse”:
This office is minimal and modern, but it still has elements of farmhouse style. Check out the desk, the cowhide rug and the iron black/bronze looking lamp. There are also some iron-looking elements styling the built-ins.
While this is a dining space, I can totally see this motif translating itself into a home office space. The chairs have a strong dining sensibility to me, so I personally would choose a different chair. Especially since these don’t seem super comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.
There are a few elements that seem to bring farmhouse into the modern age:
  • Use of black and white
  • White or neutral walls
  • Very little accent color
  • Black metal elements
  • Warm toned, medium colored wood elements
  • Minimal kitsch or blatantly country items

The modern farmhouse concept is very close to the industrial look to me. The use of metal and wood can make for a very industrial, urban loft look. But with modern farmhouse, the difference is in the structure of the furniture and accessories. They awaken a time gone by, but without hitting you over the head with it (no “farm fresh eggs” chalkboard art).

Here are a few finds (well, more than a few, 16 to be exact) from Amazon for styling a modern farmhouse office. Click on any of the images to learn more. You can also see these items and more when you visit my Shop the Blog page.












































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10 Super-Affordable Clothing Finds with Free Shipping on Amazon


I’m on vacation in the OC, and I bought a few basics from Amazon right before I left town. They were Prime so they arrived within two days.

I had no idea what to expect, but they were cute things with pretty good quality. I mean, they aren’t like luxury brand nice, but they are every bit as good as what I would find on the rack at Marshall’s or Ross. And anyway that I can leave my house even less than I already do, well, I’m gonna support that.

I got this dress in both dark green and black, which I am loving. Here’s the green with a cardigan:

I also got a black version with long sleeves. And all of the dresses have pockets!

I wear a size 12 and I ordered larges. They fit sort of like a Lularoe Carly, so I added a belt to keep them from being too “tent-ish.” But they are soft and super comfy. I’m really pleased with the purchases.

Since I basically only wear basics, t-shirts, comfy dresses and leggings, I decided to find out what else Amazon has to offer in the women’s clothing department. And as it turns out, there is a lot of cute stuff that is super cheap!

And since Amazon is so good about easy returns, I figure it’s a good way to shop. I buy everything else under the sun on Amazon, so it’s time to start shopping for clothes on there too.

And they also have things I am probably too old to own because I am pushing 40 cute, fun accessories. Like this tea-sipping Kermit hat. I might have to make this mine:


Anyway, here are 10 of my super-affordable favorites. Just click to photos to view the items on Amazon.

If you have shopping experience on Amazon, drop me a comment below!





Shabby chic home office decor ideas

Shabby chic home office decor ideas

More home decor ideas: http://www.littlepieceofme.com/ “Shabby chic” is becoming increasingly popular and finds a place in every room of the home, even in the home office. Shabby chic is a style which combines old and vintage items, worn decorative elements and puts on the first place the comfort, creativity and maximum utilization of the available items. It provides a new opportunity to old objects , and often next to them can find new items that mimic the friable or antique look.
More http://www.littlepieceofme.com/home-decor/shabby-chic-home-office/